We’ve come to the crunch war and we don’t want to sit on the box

Pathetic PM shows his gross ineptitude and thin skin

Poor PM Trumball. Surrounded by a rampaging tribe of Labor injuns, greedy ranchers who want all the land for themselves, and with disharmony among the settler folk he is leading to the promised land, he draws his wagons ever tighter in a defensive circle and issues a rallying cry.

Them injuns he says, will never be as good as us settler folk.  They live in tepees with barely any room inside, and they don’t go places like our wagons. Why, we can move our wagons to any harbourside or bay with a decent view and land to exploit.

But the injuns can’t.  They are stuck in their tepees, jealously wishing they could move their village to a harbourside, clear the land, and get their hands on some of the best settler firewater.

Their leader, Billonimo, has even been seen sitting on a box at the table of settler gatherings, enjoying the venison and finest firewater. What a sycophant, this lowly injun chief. How dare he aspire to be like settlers, and own a covered wagon.

But the injuns know that their time is coming, and soon the settler wagons will be torched with flaming arrows, and the firewater will be theirs.