WikiLeaks attacks the Status Quo

Julian Assange could well go down in history as a man who changes the world forever.

Wikileaks is a demonstration of the power of the nascent cybocracy movement.  Based on the principles of free exchange of transparent information, and the way in which it empowers every person who lives in a parliamentary democracy with a truthful understanding of the global society and its personal impact on them.

I can understand the virulent reaction in some sections of the US Government to the release of these cables. In a curious way, Wikileaks is a kind of information 9/11, where the US Government is exposed in all its manipulative duplicity and is seen to be powerless to contain the damage. In such circumstances they go feral, with grown men and women exhibiting all the self restraint of a 5 year old playground bully.  This over reaction only goes to further demonstrate to the citizens of other nations how untrustworthy, self serving, hypocritical and deluded the US Government really is.

Attempts by the US Government to undertake a rendition of Julian Assange to Gitmo and all that that implies will leave the world angry and perplexed that a nation that used to be a model of good behaviour could sinker lower than an alcoholic on skid row.

What value now is Barack Obama, another Kevin Rudd, lot’s of promise, but no real skill in great political policy achievements.  Poor compromises that penalise the ordinary people and enrich the wealthy and the large multinational corporations.  Wikileaks represents a clear and mortal danger to him and these other vested interests.  So they are marshaling forces to choke off its supply of funds, discredit the concept of free and truthful information, and harass the people behind an organisation that is merely the messenger of truth.

The political system in the US seems to be at an inflection point now, as it realises with massive fear and trepidation that it has waning influence now that it is the hands of its Chinese Bankers.  It is now debasing its currency to reduce the real value of the debt it needs to repay, while at the same time lecturing the world on the virtues of market capitalism.  This new and revealing outbreak of truth and transparency is just another nail in the coffin of its fading empire and diminishing global influence.