Closed Minds

Is Climate Change Denial a Religion?

You have to wonder when people like Tony “climate change is crap” Abbott and the other deniers will finally be forced by the sheer weight of evidence to review their stance. How much storm and tempest, massive widespread cold snaps and pouring rain, floods, cyclones, typhoons and droughts will it take for them to see the true light.

The theory of Global Warming leading to climate change has long foretold of ever increasing numbers of extreme weather events such as the snow storms in the Northern Hemisphere, flooding and cyclones in Australia and Brazil. And yet, despite these type of events becoming more regular and more extreme, they still deny, deny, deny.

Maybe if you scratch under the surface of these deniers you will find religion.  Certainly Tony Abbott is a man of religious conviction, so are the other deniers similarly committed to theological beliefs. It takes the kind of mindset that can still cling to the notion of Creationism, despite the undeniable evidence of Evolution, to be able to also deny the obvious in respect to Climate Change.

It is this type of closed mind, one that clings to irrational dogma, that are a danger to civil society and should never be allowed to control a country and its populace.

Australian democracy nearly hijacked

The attempt by extreme capitalism, their political handmaidens, and a partisan media has failed for now.  But can they cope with the new political reality?

Australia has a minority government for the first time in many years.  Luckily we barely avoided having our democracy hijacked by the forces from the Dark Side.

The Independents and the Greens who hold the balance of power seem to be the only one’s focused on the best outcomes for the nation, rather than the relentless and ruthless pursuit of power for it’s own sake.

The truth is becoming more clear as the days go by.  One trick Tony and his motley crew aren’t looking after what’s best for the country.  They are looking after number one, the pursuit of personal power and influence,  and the promotion of their radical political agenda for businesses to operate in an environment unfettered by Government regulation. Their goal is to reduce the population to little more than serfs who are subjugated to the needs of corporate operations and profit.  The Orwellian named Work Choices was the prime example of their true feelings towards the people, and a frightening glimpse of their true agenda for society.

Luckily the people were able to hit back in 2007 in one of the most effective ways an electorate can – by removing the incumbent Prime Minister from his seat.  But the coalition parties didn’t learn in 2007 that the collective wisdom of the Australian electorate is an exercise in crowd sourcing of the most enormous nature, and the true power of that dynamic. They tried again this year but only succeeded in trying the electorate’s patience to the point that the crowd decided we needed some umpires to put Parliament back in it’s rightful place to decide what’s good for the nation.

Whether the Dirty Digger Propaganda Empire (DDPE) will continue to try and seduce the simpleton masses with their tricky twisting of fact and logic, and their distortion of reality, to achieve their commercial and ideological interests is yet to be seen.

The conflict of interest they face, and yet never declare, when discussing the Resource Rent Tax, or the National Broadband Network (NBN), is breathtaking and beyond the pale.  They routinely demand a far higher level of probity from others than they are currently prepared to meet themselves.  Why any society allows the 4th Estate such latitude to undertake self interested propaganda campaigns in the name of journalistic freedom is a puzzle to me.

DDPE supports extreme capitalism, so the Resource Rent Tax was seen as a dangerous precedent in allowing a nation to get a fair commercial return on it’s sovereign wealth such as minerals.  The concept that the nation should be cheated of it’s heritage, aided and abetted by their political messiah, one trick Tony, is of such a grave consequence that I feel it borders on being traitorous to the nation and the national interest. Yet such an outcome is strenuously advocated by the DDPE as it advances it’s extreme capitalist agenda.

DDPE also has a commercial interest in cable TV that impacts on it’s impartiality when dealing with the National Broadband Network.  Fibre to the home, coupled with the disruptive technology of IP media streams will completely destroy the ability of cable providers to intermediate the content delivery chain and so kill off their business model.  Consumers will just buy a Google or Apple TV appliance, download and install the various media applications sold by each of the major Hollywood Studio’s, and purchase the content direct from them, completely removing the foxy middleman.  For this reason you cannot trust any opinions or analysis of the NBN by the DDPE to be objective and balanced.

Those battles to influence the opinions of the moronic masses were fought right up until the election, but again the power of the collective crowd produced an outcome that defied the pundits, and offered a chance for a Government of national interest, rather than a Government of the mindless winner takes all mentality that just delivers outcomes of end to end ideological power plays and the implementation of radical laws.

Will the partisan media, and an opposition that could be best described as an extreme Brown/Liberal coalition, be able to learn a new trick and put down the adversarial mindset?  Who knows? Maybe someone will know a good shop where one trick Tony can buy a clue.