We have to move to the other side of the pendulum.

God must be pretty angry with the USA about it’s carbon pollution.

First of all he unleashes storm and tempest on the centre of fossil fuel in Houston, and now, just in case the dummies in the Climate Denier community don’t get it, he sends along Irma, Jose and Katie.

Now Trump and his fossil boosting cronies can bleat all they like about fake science, Chinese conspiracies and natural variations. But to the everyday person, these weather events seem suspiciously like what the climate scientists predicted would be the outcome of increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

The cost of damage to Texas and Florida is going to run to a pretty penny, and the global Insurance industry is repricing risk in these torrid times. It will drive the hard heads in Government and Industry to reconsider the true costs of remaining active in fossil fuel industry. You can build a fucking lot of Renewable Energy plants with the billions it will cost to repair the damage to these states.

When Murphy’s Law cuts in, it operates with a full head of steam.


The peasants are revolting

At last the 99% are beginning to see through the charade.

Once upon a time, generally known as the Middle Ages society was in the grip of a rich, powerful and unscrupulous minority called Lords of the Manor.

They were the landowners who controlled the means of food production and had at their disposal an array of ordinary people called serfs.  Serfs were little better than slaves, and were mainly indentured to their Lord so they were unable to be free of the yoke of oppression and abuse handed out by their Lord and Master.  And then in the 1300’s, even the bogan brained serfs tweaked that the deck was stacked against them. “My Lord, my Lord, the Peasants are revolting.”

Cut to today.  The serfs are the 99%, and the Lord of the Manor is now called Chairman of the Board or Managing Director.  We have been conned for centuries that this new fangled democracy thing actually gave the 99% some real power, while all the time we have been sold a lie.

The 1% ruin everything through vile, excessive, unscrupulous greed, and then try and convince the 99% to take a hit to their lifestyle so as to ensure the 1% don’t have their lavish lifestyles impacted in any way. Time for the 1% to take responsibility for their own actions.  If they hold 90% of the wealth, then they take 90% of the hit.  To each his own proportion as to the burden he carries.

Even shareholders of corporations are beginning to see how executive management are stuffing their pockets with company money even while attempting to screw workers for lower pay.  Again, the deck is stacked.  My solution is simple – if a CEO decides to cut employee remuneration costs by moving jobs to a sovereignty with lower work rights and costs – fine – but the remuneration paid to executives should also be lowered to reflect the comparable amounts in the sovereign nation housing their work force.  Why do the workers have to compete with rates in China, while the executives have to compete with rates in Wall St or the City of London.

Level the playing field for all 100%, not just the 1%.

Dictatorship of the Corporations

I thought this battle had been fought and won in the Middle Ages.

The ongoing attempts by interests that are proxies for the Hollywood Media Corporations to setup a new “Star Chamber” whereby the people are denied their right before the law to due process in civil and criminal matters is very frightening.  The fact that the French have already embraced this principle is a most troubling portent for the future.

The mere idea that private investigators should be permitted to spy on Bit Torrent users to determine an alleged copyright breach, then for a notice to go direct from one corporation to another corporation requesting a penalty action to taken against a person without any due legal process seems to me to be a very scary prospect for the rule of law.  You are accused, tried, found guilty and sentenced by corporations, completely bypassing the police and courts.  Is this the start of private enterprise taking over the justice system and running it with few rules or rigour in the process except the rule of administrative convenience, just like the Star Chambers of the Middle Ages.  There is no need to protect the rights of the accused, no concept of innocent until proven guilty, no due process, just unconstrained corporate process.

It is for this reason that I believe the Appeal Court will dismiss the case against iiNet.  To do otherwise would result in a higher court sanctioning a new rule of law where the rule of law itself is no longer forms part of the legal process.  The impact of this oxymoron on the Legal profession would be to deal itself out of a potential large body of well paid work connected with copyright infringement.  Given their penchant for conducting their affairs while dressed in 17th Century period costume, I see this as most unlikely.