They all have their noses in the pie, dancing to the same tune

Parliamentary expenses rorts go too far for the public’s appetite

It’s not enough to create another oversight body to administer MP’s expenses. That’s a good idea within its boundaries. The public are now baying for MP’s blood, particularly in view of the Centrelink extortion racket run by the LNP.

Picking on the most vulnerable in society while simultaneously living the high life on our expense card makes us want to vomit at the rank hypocrisy of the LNP.

The voters want a Federal ICAC. Support is at 83% according to an opinion poll, and the same poll found that huge majority also thought that politicians were corrupt and needed the same kind of ruthless oversight that, ironically, Centrelink recipients receive.

Let’s hope that the minor parties, the media, and the pressure from public opinion can force the hand of both LNP and Labour and create this long needed body, with decent coercive powers, open hearings (if you’ve nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear) and a significant budget allocation.

We wait with interest to observe the obfuscation tactics of the major parties to a Federal ICAC.