Murdoch’s Marionettes in a tangle

Murdoch’s puppet Australian Government proves to be so inept that it clearly demonstrates why you should never listen to the opinions of octogenarians.

The implosion of public confidence in the Abbott Government so quickly after the election raises serious questions as to how the Australian voters were sold such a pup. How poorly do these doctrinaire ideologues reflect on the strident assertions by News Ltd media outlets and the right wing apologistas and shock jocks that the old bunch were a pack of infighting crooks, but Tony the Messiah and his 12 disciples were capable of performing miracles in Government. How wrong they were it seems.

I thought we’d get a comical puppet show for our entertainment, instead we’ve got the whole damn circus. Transparent Tony the ringmaster, Jock MacTruss his understudy, Joe Hockus the trapeze artist, Scott Noboats the clown, Chris Pyneochio the acrobat, Julie Bintang the hypnotist, Robb People the ticket collector, and Turnball Fraudband the sound and lighting guy.

The many broken promises in rapid succession has kept the audience keen and engaged, but the triple somersault half-twist back flip with pike by the acrobat Pyneochio left the spectators roaring for less.

Alas the audience are surely heading for another broken promise. The Grand Finale encore performance to close the circus was promised to be a Carbon Tax Double Dissolution. Transparent Tony can’t risk it now the spectators are unsettled, as the audience would surely walk out on his circus and head straight over the road to Shorty Bill’s Amusement Complex where every player wins a prize.

The honeymoon period isn’t even over, and already the brides’ family want her to divorce Tony. All except for old Uncle Cyclops and his brothers, of course.


Closed Minds

Is Climate Change Denial a Religion?

You have to wonder when people like Tony “climate change is crap” Abbott and the other deniers will finally be forced by the sheer weight of evidence to review their stance. How much storm and tempest, massive widespread cold snaps and pouring rain, floods, cyclones, typhoons and droughts will it take for them to see the true light.

The theory of Global Warming leading to climate change has long foretold of ever increasing numbers of extreme weather events such as the snow storms in the Northern Hemisphere, flooding and cyclones in Australia and Brazil. And yet, despite these type of events becoming more regular and more extreme, they still deny, deny, deny.

Maybe if you scratch under the surface of these deniers you will find religion.  Certainly Tony Abbott is a man of religious conviction, so are the other deniers similarly committed to theological beliefs. It takes the kind of mindset that can still cling to the notion of Creationism, despite the undeniable evidence of Evolution, to be able to also deny the obvious in respect to Climate Change.

It is this type of closed mind, one that clings to irrational dogma, that are a danger to civil society and should never be allowed to control a country and its populace.