We’re being tarred with somebody else’s brush

The boys who play sports are victims of the machine

Apparently guys in their 20’s don’t go out at night, and drink too much, and conduct themselves poorly, anymore judging by the recent media beat-up of an incident.

Once sport was carried out for the enjoyment of competition and the personal satisfaction of the athlete.  Then televised sport turned the whole concept around.  Sport is now primarily a big business that provides sporting competitions as its product, not a personal pursuit.

Sporting people who transgress the interests of the business are subjected to media derision as it is the media who are the primary consumer of the sporting products

The sportspeople end up being tarred with somebody else’s brush – the media brush.



Are we the new ANZACS

They were cannon fodder in a military war, we are cannon fodder in an economic war.

It occurred to me while listening to descriptions of the Gallipoli front in 1915, and how the British Generals, all from the Upper Class, held the average man in such disdain, that they had no moral or ethical twinge when sending thousands off to certain death.

Today, we have same attitude towards the lower classes manifesting itself in the ideological framing of the last Federal Budget.  Every day as we hear the bills being scrutinised in the Senate we see how the Abbott Government is trashing Australia’s social compact, and attempting to replace it with the dog eat dog society favoured by the nut jobs in the ultra far right and assorted neo-cons.

Attack the lower and middle classes with added health and education costs. Attack the young looking for work.  But no attack on the Upper Class and their many perks – a temporary beating with a wet lettuce then back to the good times.

Tony Abbott and his cohort are showing just as little concern for us as those pommie Generals showed for our forefathers.


Chairman Rupert and Tony the Tongue

We certainly now know whose tongue is in whose backside.

The partisan ravings of News Corp about the upcoming election, and their support for Tony the Tongue bears witness to the saddest state of the Australian Polity in my lifetime.

That one man’s commercial interests, and lust for power, could so distort and corrupt a country is a disgrace.

His reckless disregard of the rights of the little people in advancing his self and commercial interests, as seen in UK.  His company stands accused of bribery of public officials, and illegal wiretapping.  Yet he is allowed to dictate the outcome of an election, in the process showing that democracy is a veneer of choice over a base of greed and the self interest of the elite.  Rupert proves that some are so evil, they could be the devil incarnate.

Since the death of his mother and him becoming an orphan, his excesses are untempered by the need for his mother’s approval.  He has become quite a worry to the good order and sustainability of humanity.


Internet becomes Totalitarian Tool

Even the USA Government can’t resist its temptation

The latest revelations about the extent of soft totalitarian use of the Internet and Telco’s by the US government is staggering.  What has USA become since the Bush/Chaney era.  It seems it now stands for the opposite to every tenet of its formation and constitution.

Bush and now Obama show that rather than being the beacon on the hill for freedom around the globe, it now lives in the same dark corner as the dictators and oppressors that it used to stand against.

The USA has lost its way, and it has lost its soul.