We have to move to the other side of the pendulum.

God must be pretty angry with the USA about it’s carbon pollution.

First of all he unleashes storm and tempest on the centre of fossil fuel in Houston, and now, just in case the dummies in the Climate Denier community don’t get it, he sends along Irma, Jose and Katie.

Now Trump and his fossil boosting cronies can bleat all they like about fake science, Chinese conspiracies and natural variations. But to the everyday person, these weather events seem suspiciously like what the climate scientists predicted would be the outcome of increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

The cost of damage to Texas and Florida is going to run to a pretty penny, and the global Insurance industry is repricing risk in these torrid times. It will drive the hard heads in Government and Industry to reconsider the true costs of remaining active in fossil fuel industry. You can build a fucking lot of Renewable Energy plants with the billions it will cost to repair the damage to these states.

When Murphy’s Law cuts in, it operates with a full head of steam.


Teresa’s going to be the sacrificial martyr

Yet another example of poor governance in UK leads to tragedy.

What is it with Westminster politicians, civil servants, and local government officials that they have such a propensity for monumental cock-up’s like the Grenfell Tower disaster.

And already the buck passing has begun. Evidence of repeated and ignored warnings from Fire Authorities and Construction Material Standards Authorities to Government Ministers. How culpable are these people, and will they ever be bought to account, and pay a price for their failures ?

The mighty market has failed. A fetish for efficiency of service provision perversely leads to ineffective processes, inadequate responses, and loss of human life. Fragmented agencies trying to co-ordinate an emergency rescue with lack of equipment and personnel.

At some point the karma has to turn.



A picture tells a thousand words

In today’s social media a picture does more than that

They used to say that a picture saves a thousand words, but with social media a picture is usually accompanied by a thousand words of explanation and comment. Only Twitter forces brevity, which is maybe why it isn’t as popular.

Given the keenness of large parts of society to document their every move, every social encounter, every new purchase, every new love there will be a treasure trove of data for future historians.  They will probably reconstruct today’s world using VR technology and all the Facebook and Google data.

Maybe one day an entrepreneur will sell fully immersive experiences of living like a group of friends in the 21st century, all from gleaned data.  And I bet that Google and Facebook will own the copyright on deceased persons data and use it to profit in scenarios like immersive VR.

Each VR frame will be a thousand words, and there will be thousands of frames per minute to flood the future human’s senses.  Then a picture will tell a thousand words.


I think there’s a can of worms brewing here

A difficult trade off between freedom and privacy

Many see the rise of the total surveillance state as inevitable.  The technology is at hand, and those that claim the need for ever greater ability to intrude into the private lives of the citizens are succeeding in panicing gormless politicians into allowing ever more scope.

While those that deploy these awesome capabilities do so to protect democracy and freedom to pursue life liberty and happiness then all is OK.  But what happens when people committed to radical political, social or religious ideology are able to infiltrate sovereign bodies and turn the state to the dark side.

Most people are happy to trade off some individual rights and freedom for the common good, and to prevent the rise of anarchy and the collapse of civil society.  Those with the most to lose are holders of the various property rights and entitlements, the cornerstone of the capitalist system.  Thus the wealthy, powerful elite have an enormous vested interest in the status quo.  They don’t care much for individual freedoms and privacy except when it impacts on their self-interest.

History shows that voters in a democracy will turn to extremist political parties in times of social strife due to economic collapse or rapid change to a new order deemed unfair by the majority.

The white man with 5 eyes will eventually turn dark and evil to save his interests from the geopolitical can of worms that is now brewing.


ASUS Transformer T100 (Part 2)

Tablet hangs during Windows Update and then won’t boot

I quite liked the T100 however it was always a little flaky.  Occasionally not waking from sleep, sometimes no keyboard would popup for input.

Then it finally failed during a Windows Update.  The updates had been downloaded and were being installed when the system hung with a memory exception error. Since it didn’t respond to either screen or keyboard activity I was forced to power it down.  But bad news when I powered up – no Windows, and worse, no functional recovery partition.  It had to go back to ASUS for Warranty repair.

This wasn’t such a bad experience.  I phoned them, explained the situation, gave them Serial No. and Purchase date etc.  They emailed me documents to print out for their courier to pickup the unit.  The courier picked up the T100 from work, and about 10 days later it was sent back to work via courier – all at no cost to me – which is the correct response in my opinion.  So well done ASUS Australia and the telephone support guys.

The motherboard needed to be replaced as the SSD was damaged. This means pretty much everything except the screen and case is new. It worked far batter from the get go than the old one ever did, it’s a completely different user experience now.



Murdoch’s Marionettes in a tangle

Murdoch’s puppet Australian Government proves to be so inept that it clearly demonstrates why you should never listen to the opinions of octogenarians.

The implosion of public confidence in the Abbott Government so quickly after the election raises serious questions as to how the Australian voters were sold such a pup. How poorly do these doctrinaire ideologues reflect on the strident assertions by News Ltd media outlets and the right wing apologistas and shock jocks that the old bunch were a pack of infighting crooks, but Tony the Messiah and his 12 disciples were capable of performing miracles in Government. How wrong they were it seems.

I thought we’d get a comical puppet show for our entertainment, instead we’ve got the whole damn circus. Transparent Tony the ringmaster, Jock MacTruss his understudy, Joe Hockus the trapeze artist, Scott Noboats the clown, Chris Pyneochio the acrobat, Julie Bintang the hypnotist, Robb People the ticket collector, and Turnball Fraudband the sound and lighting guy.

The many broken promises in rapid succession has kept the audience keen and engaged, but the triple somersault half-twist back flip with pike by the acrobat Pyneochio left the spectators roaring for less.

Alas the audience are surely heading for another broken promise. The Grand Finale encore performance to close the circus was promised to be a Carbon Tax Double Dissolution. Transparent Tony can’t risk it now the spectators are unsettled, as the audience would surely walk out on his circus and head straight over the road to Shorty Bill’s Amusement Complex where every player wins a prize.

The honeymoon period isn’t even over, and already the brides’ family want her to divorce Tony. All except for old Uncle Cyclops and his brothers, of course.


Battle of the Trolls

That bulwark of print trolling, The Sydney Daily Trollograph, complains about twitter trolls.

LOL, what a gag.  News Corporations’ Sydney tabloid is running a campaign against Twitter trolls. Yet when it comes to blind outrage directed at others no one does it better than News Ltd bloggers.  In fact, they’re nothing but blogging trolls.

To support its’ campaign “the Trollo” has enlisted the help of some of Sydney talk-back radio’s most notorious trolls.  Trolls trolling trolls and trying to troll us.  Oh the hypocrisy of them all.

Thus we have a situation where a media company, who facilitates print and online trolls under the company banner is conspiring with broadcast media properties.  All mediums are awash with trolls who spew vile bile 24×7 to incite those in society who feel a bitter resentment about their lot in life, coupled with a keen sense of frustrated entitlement.

Is that not the most Orwellian construct of newspeak yet ?


The peasants are revolting

At last the 99% are beginning to see through the charade.

Once upon a time, generally known as the Middle Ages society was in the grip of a rich, powerful and unscrupulous minority called Lords of the Manor.

They were the landowners who controlled the means of food production and had at their disposal an array of ordinary people called serfs.  Serfs were little better than slaves, and were mainly indentured to their Lord so they were unable to be free of the yoke of oppression and abuse handed out by their Lord and Master.  And then in the 1300’s, even the bogan brained serfs tweaked that the deck was stacked against them. “My Lord, my Lord, the Peasants are revolting.”

Cut to today.  The serfs are the 99%, and the Lord of the Manor is now called Chairman of the Board or Managing Director.  We have been conned for centuries that this new fangled democracy thing actually gave the 99% some real power, while all the time we have been sold a lie.

The 1% ruin everything through vile, excessive, unscrupulous greed, and then try and convince the 99% to take a hit to their lifestyle so as to ensure the 1% don’t have their lavish lifestyles impacted in any way. Time for the 1% to take responsibility for their own actions.  If they hold 90% of the wealth, then they take 90% of the hit.  To each his own proportion as to the burden he carries.

Even shareholders of corporations are beginning to see how executive management are stuffing their pockets with company money even while attempting to screw workers for lower pay.  Again, the deck is stacked.  My solution is simple – if a CEO decides to cut employee remuneration costs by moving jobs to a sovereignty with lower work rights and costs – fine – but the remuneration paid to executives should also be lowered to reflect the comparable amounts in the sovereign nation housing their work force.  Why do the workers have to compete with rates in China, while the executives have to compete with rates in Wall St or the City of London.

Level the playing field for all 100%, not just the 1%.

The Nuclear thing

Yet again the risks of using fission reactors to produce electricity is clearly shown.

Whatever possessed the Japanese to build so many nuclear reactors on a homeland so prone to seismic events is beyond comprehension.  In some ways, they deserve all the impacts that this fundamentally flawed decision will lead to.

As an exercise in risk management it is clearly a failure as you wouldn’t need to be a genius to know that often tsunami and earthquake goes together.  So, for convenience and cost saving purposes they located the plants close the coast.

Like the rest of the world I hope the Japanese engineers are able to bring the whole debacle under some sort of control without lasting consequence to the local environment from radiation fallout.

Hopefully this will provide further impetus for developing solutions to base-load power generation that is environmentally neutral.  Coupled with a review of the energy needs in society and the way it is consumed by the industrial and the domestic sectors should assist in aligning energy supply and demand.