We have to move to the other side of the pendulum.

God must be pretty angry with the USA about it’s carbon pollution.

First of all he unleashes storm and tempest on the centre of fossil fuel in Houston, and now, just in case the dummies in the Climate Denier community don’t get it, he sends along Irma, Jose and Katie.

Now Trump and his fossil boosting cronies can bleat all they like about fake science, Chinese conspiracies and natural variations. But to the everyday person, these weather events seem suspiciously like what the climate scientists predicted would be the outcome of increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

The cost of damage to Texas and Florida is going to run to a pretty penny, and the global Insurance industry is repricing risk in these torrid times. It will drive the hard heads in Government and Industry to reconsider the true costs of remaining active in fossil fuel industry. You can build a fucking lot of Renewable Energy plants with the billions it will cost to repair the damage to these states.

When Murphy’s Law cuts in, it operates with a full head of steam.


Closed Minds

Is Climate Change Denial a Religion?

You have to wonder when people like Tony “climate change is crap” Abbott and the other deniers will finally be forced by the sheer weight of evidence to review their stance. How much storm and tempest, massive widespread cold snaps and pouring rain, floods, cyclones, typhoons and droughts will it take for them to see the true light.

The theory of Global Warming leading to climate change has long foretold of ever increasing numbers of extreme weather events such as the snow storms in the Northern Hemisphere, flooding and cyclones in Australia and Brazil. And yet, despite these type of events becoming more regular and more extreme, they still deny, deny, deny.

Maybe if you scratch under the surface of these deniers you will find religion.  Certainly Tony Abbott is a man of religious conviction, so are the other deniers similarly committed to theological beliefs. It takes the kind of mindset that can still cling to the notion of Creationism, despite the undeniable evidence of Evolution, to be able to also deny the obvious in respect to Climate Change.

It is this type of closed mind, one that clings to irrational dogma, that are a danger to civil society and should never be allowed to control a country and its populace.

What were they thinking

The Crow Eaters have done it again.

This time South Australia has placed a ban on plastic shopping bags.  Bio-degradable thin plastic shopping bags are OK, but nasty polluting bags are not.

But the eco bags are primarily being made from Corn.  Surely having plastic bags made from corn will only force up the global demand for industrial corn leading to price rises for a food that is an essential dietary stable for a significant portion of the global population.  That will sure help the starving billions of humanity. What a foolish and shortsighted that decision was.  So typical of the poor planning that is endemic in SA, particularly infrastructure stuff-ups like the new trams and the airport fuel system imbroglio.

Naturally no one mentions the elephant in the room.  Those poor old plastic bags are only needed to carry the packaging trash of major multinational agribusinesses.  Thus all that gratuitous packaging material used by the multinationals isn’t a pollution problem – no, the pollution problem is that nasty little unbranded plastic bag.  A nice little piece of sleight of hand on public opinion – fooled again by the big end.