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Abbott seeks re-election

You have to laugh at all the cheer squad urging Tony to stand for parliament again.  Talk about self interest.  These deluded souls still think that the far-right faithers of the LNP will be handed government again.  Over the dead bodies of the voters for sure.

But what’s a few thousand dead bodies to ensure the extremists in the LNP regain the levers of state and impose a clerico-totalitarian order on society.  They’ve stacked institutions with their sympathisers, including a back to the future appointment of a military man as Governor-General, and created the Nazi like black-shirted Border Farce.  That makes organising any takeover coup far easier for them. Once they’ve rolled a re-elected Turnbull they can start the dirty tricks campaign again to create fear and loathing in the community. And when it comes to fear, loathing and hate none do it better than the faithers.

Turnbull and the moderates in the LNP will need to fight a constant war to ensure the influence of the religious extremists is curtailed, as they don’t represent the public, but rather a group of narrow minded bigot’s intoxicated on their “big guy in the sky cool-aid”. A study of brains of faithers showed their brains were malformed in the areas used for critical reasoning.

The Abbott clique had their chance, and the voters were appalled.  Nothing but flags and national security announcements – just doing the bidding of the oxygen thieves like Rupert Corp and the Trumpster wing of the Republican party.  Sing from the god-botherers book on Sundays, and drink the Tea Party brew the rest of the week.

And what do they have to show for their time in power.  Nothing other than a big fuck-up, too busy carrying on their religious crusade against Islam to focus on anything else like the economy stupid.

Meanwhile the Manger^, Quality Control for all matters religious heads to the US to address an extremist organisation whose stated goal is to return society to the simple times of the 4th and 5th Centuries by destroying science and medicine.  This man was once our PM – how did that happen.  The people were brainwashed by the media and vested interest groups into supporting him. Turnbull is our only buttress against the dangerous faither extremists. Beware Australia.

^ Intentional misspelling to show lack of critical attention by the monkey pod crew and their acolytes.


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