A picture tells a thousand words

In today’s social media a picture does more than that

They used to say that a picture saves a thousand words, but with social media a picture is usually accompanied by a thousand words of explanation and comment. Only Twitter forces brevity, which is maybe why it isn’t as popular.

Given the keenness of large parts of society to document their every move, every social encounter, every new purchase, every new love there will be a treasure trove of data for future historians.  They will probably reconstruct today’s world using VR technology and all the Facebook and Google data.

Maybe one day an entrepreneur will sell fully immersive experiences of living like a group of friends in the 21st century, all from gleaned data.  And I bet that Google and Facebook will own the copyright on deceased persons data and use it to profit in scenarios like immersive VR.

Each VR frame will be a thousand words, and there will be thousands of frames per minute to flood the future human’s senses.  Then a picture will tell a thousand words.


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