I think there’s a can of worms brewing here

A difficult trade off between freedom and privacy

Many see the rise of the total surveillance state as inevitable.  The technology is at hand, and those that claim the need for ever greater ability to intrude into the private lives of the citizens are succeeding in panicing gormless politicians into allowing ever more scope.

While those that deploy these awesome capabilities do so to protect democracy and freedom to pursue life liberty and happiness then all is OK.  But what happens when people committed to radical political, social or religious ideology are able to infiltrate sovereign bodies and turn the state to the dark side.

Most people are happy to trade off some individual rights and freedom for the common good, and to prevent the rise of anarchy and the collapse of civil society.  Those with the most to lose are holders of the various property rights and entitlements, the cornerstone of the capitalist system.  Thus the wealthy, powerful elite have an enormous vested interest in the status quo.  They don’t care much for individual freedoms and privacy except when it impacts on their self-interest.

History shows that voters in a democracy will turn to extremist political parties in times of social strife due to economic collapse or rapid change to a new order deemed unfair by the majority.

The white man with 5 eyes will eventually turn dark and evil to save his interests from the geopolitical can of worms that is now brewing.


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