BAUHN Solid State PC

It was on special for $199 so how could I resist

I saw this tiny unit in the display case at an ALDI supermarket in Sydney Australia.  Bauhn is one of the brand names used by ALDI for electronic goods sold in their supermarket.

The box was barely larger than the included wireless keyboard and mouse. It said quad-core CPU, 2Gb memory, 32Gb solid state storage, WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI, plus micro-SD card slot and 3x USB ports. Licensed for Windows 8.1.

Inside the box was the keyboard, mouse, power plug-pack (18W, 5V @ 3A) and the PC unit itself which is in a tiny black plastic case which weighs surprising little. Batteries were supplied for both the mouse and keyboard.  The USB wireless dongle is housed inside the mouse and occupies one of the USB ports in normal operation. Also included were an HDMI cable, and an adapter for the single micro-USB port. Everything you need to get up and going – I like teutonic practicality.

It was pretty easy to get up and running. Fit the batteries to the keyboard and mouse.  Put wireless dongle in one of the USB ports. Plug in HDMI, network cable, and power supply.  Hold the power button for 2 secs until the light comes on. It booted no worries, everything worked out of the box.  It prompted me immediately after the user account setup to upgrade to Windows 10 which I did.  That took a few hours to download and install so I left it overnight.  In the morning I finished off the install.

This is a fantastic little unit for light PC and Internet work.  It runs an Atom CPU and has no fan. The case gets mildly warm during use, about the same temperature as a WiFi router or modem.  It boots up Windows 10 very quickly due to the solid state storage, far faster than a laptop running a HDD. I’ve augmented storage by fitting a 32Gb Class 10 micro-SD card and set Windows 10 to use it as the user data store for audio, video, pictures etc.

If you happen to be in an ALDI store, have a look in the display case.  If you see one of these for $199 or less, just buy it.  Someone in your family will be able to use it, as long as they aren’t a gamer.


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