US citizens suckered again

What is it about the mindset of US citizens that means they constantly allow themselves to be manipulated by vested interests?

Just look how easily they were suckered into electing a fool as their President – twice.  Now it’s the vested interests in health care defending their patch by running the same old line about the intrusion of Government in the peoples lives, and a socialist  health-care system.  Perversely, it’s not the Government that is the real danger, but the corporations, who, under the guise of things like targeted advertising for Internet users, clandestinely collect massive  amounts of personal data about the people.

The whole basis of the US bedrock beliefs has been proven to be a farce.  The idea that unregulated greed and self-interest can somehow be controlled if it is contained in a “market” has been shown to be a complete oxymoron.  One only has to look what happened with the Global Financial Crisis to see what a flimsy tissue the capitalist ideology is.  All the pontificating about “moral hazard” in business whereby the shareholders suffer the consequences of poor corporate decision making came to nothing once the Wall Street flim flam merchants started to fail.  It was the Government and the people who ended up with the so called “moral hazard” of sleaze and greed in the financial industry.

Now the US is the hands of its Chinese Bankers, deeply in debt, and no longer the true master of its destiny.  US citizens are about the learn the same lesson as the British did at the hands of the US after the 2nd World War.  The days of US imperialism are over, soon the be replaced by Sino imperialism – thanks to the greed of Wall Street and the manifest failure of the Government to do any market regulation.

It’s ironic really, the two Governments locked in a global power transfer.  The opposite ends of the same continuum, in one case the Government owns all the corporations, in the other all the corporations own the Government.

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