What were they thinking

The Crow Eaters have done it again.

This time South Australia has placed a ban on plastic shopping bags.  Bio-degradable thin plastic shopping bags are OK, but nasty polluting bags are not.

But the eco bags are primarily being made from Corn.  Surely having plastic bags made from corn will only force up the global demand for industrial corn leading to price rises for a food that is an essential dietary stable for a significant portion of the global population.  That will sure help the starving billions of humanity. What a foolish and shortsighted that decision was.  So typical of the poor planning that is endemic in SA, particularly infrastructure stuff-ups like the new trams and the airport fuel system imbroglio.

Naturally no one mentions the elephant in the room.  Those poor old plastic bags are only needed to carry the packaging trash of major multinational agribusinesses.  Thus all that gratuitous packaging material used by the multinationals isn’t a pollution problem – no, the pollution problem is that nasty little unbranded plastic bag.  A nice little piece of sleight of hand on public opinion – fooled again by the big end.

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